CRHS Women and Childrens Services

Columbus, GA


Construction Management

The 5th Floor of Midtown Medical Center has been renovated as the “Childrens Hospital Expansion and Relocation of Antepartum Unit”. This project involves substantial renovation of the 5th floor for the purpose of upgrading the facilities for Women’s and Children’s Services. The renovations will be staged appropriately to insure minimal patient disruption, maintain infection control procedures, and preserve interim life safety measures.

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We are striving to accomplish 3 major goals with this renovation:

• Relocate and upgrade the existing PICU suite from the current substandard patient rooms to 5 state-of-the-art patient rooms. The intent is to improve patient outcomes and decrease the length of patient stays.

• Maintain current pediatric all private bed counts while providing flex space units to ebb and flow with patient census, thus providing the best staffing to patient ratios in an all private room setting. This will be accomplished by the construction of the 6 Bed Overflow Unit and the 5 Bed Observation Suite.

• Provide more streamlined patient and staff flow throughout the 5th Floor, while improving the patient and visitor experience.