Highland Coffee Company

Birmingham, AL


Construction Management

The design of the Highand Coffee Company was both fun and challenging. The fun part of the project was that it was a design-build approach to retail redevelopment, with an all-hands-on-deck approach. The 4,000 sf first floor retail space of the 12 story Highland Towers was completely remodeled and transformed into a full service coffee, cafe, and cantina that became the place to be for both Saturday Night and Sunday Morning.

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The challenging part of the project was organizing the many facetted of the business and assuring a good architectural flow for the operations. The interior space was split between two levels and had outdoor service as well. The kitchen resides on the upper part, but the coffee, restaurant, and bar service was split between the levels. The design resulted in a space that provided good work zones and communication between the key staff areas. In addition it created a very warm, open and modern atmosphere for the patrons with ease of flow to inside and outside seating areas.

The budget of the project was also challenging, so creative re-use of the existing materials on site became a priority. Existing stone and terra-cotta tiles were recycled in conjunction with stained concrete floors and simple metal detailing gave this place the look it deserved within the budget at hand.