Midtown Medical Center

Columbus, GA

Columbus Regional Health System

This project was developed as a multi-phased mechanical, electrical, and fire protection upgrade coupled with a building envelope and cosmetic renovation to the existing hospital on the campus of The Medical Center in Columbus. The intent was to completely modernize the 30 year old facility both from an energy efficiency standpoint and from a building envelope performance perspective, while giving the aged facility a newer look.

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The lifesafety systems of the entire facility were reviewed and upgraded to current codes. The building envelope was repaired, coated with siliconized elastomeric coating, and all exterior glazing was replaced to thermally efficient low-E units. The M.E.P. Systems were upgraded and replaced as needed. A new Central Energy Plant was constructed utilizing distributed generation technologies. All of this construction was phased over several years while the building was occupied. The end result was a much more efficient building and mechanical systems that projects an ROI in less than 10 years.